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10 Arrested in Jordan Neely Death Protest; Molotov Cocktail Found

Clashes erupted near the Broadway-Lafayette St Station as tensions escalated over the death of Jordan Neely, who died after being put in a chokehold by a former Marine.

Authorities arrested ten individuals during a demonstration held outside the subway station where Neely lost his life.

The police discovered a Molotov cocktail at the protest site, intensifying concerns over the nature of the gathering.

Eyewitness News reporter Derick Waller provided an account of the events.

Initially peaceful on the subway platform, the situation quickly spiraled into chaos outside the Broadway-Lafayette St Station.

Several protesters were forcefully restrained and apprehended by the police, with some displaying resistance during the arrests.

Law enforcement officers came across a Molotov cocktail during their investigation.

Fortunately, the incendiary device did not ignite, leaving authorities uncertain about its origin or intended purpose.

The police emphasized the potential danger posed by external agitators who bring such weapons into the city.

Among those arrested was a photojournalist who was covering the protest.

On Instagram, she later recounted her experience, expressing astonishment and disbelief at her own detainment after witnessing multiple ongoing arrests.

Protesters at the scene demanded the arrest of an individual featured in a viral video.

In the footage, the man claimed that he was defending himself and fellow passengers after Neely allegedly harassed and threatened them on an F train.

The man, who denies any intent to kill the former Michael Jackson impersonator, has become a focal point of the demonstrations.

Further details emerged regarding Neely’s troubled background.

A video captured on a subway five years earlier revealed his mother had been brutally murdered, setting off a series of mental health crises that led to his frequent cycling between psychiatric facilities and jails.

Neely’s family attorney highlighted the need to consider the challenges he faced throughout his life, emphasizing that his death should not be the sole focus of discussion.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed ongoing collaboration with detectives to gather evidence before potentially presenting the case to a grand jury.

Protesters announced that the previous night marked the beginning of fifteen consecutive nights of protests, symbolically representing the fifteen minutes witnesses claim Neely endured the fatal chokehold.

In an effort to address the broader issue of supporting individuals struggling with mental illness, Eyewitness News announced an upcoming special program dedicated to the topic.

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