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1 Dead, at Least 10 Injured in South Texas Tornado

Officials in Texas have reported one fatality and at least 10 injuries following a tornado that struck south Texas near the U.S.-Mexico border.

The National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado was an EF1, causing significant damage to homes, businesses, and power lines in the area.

The aftermath of the tornado shows debris and rubble scattered throughout the affected region.

Efforts are underway to assess the extent of the damage and initiate cleanup operations.

However, the threat of severe weather continues as scattered storms persist in the area.

San Antonio, Texas, is currently experiencing intermittent severe weather, including flooding due to heavy rainfall.

The region is susceptible to flooding as the dry ground fails to absorb the substantial amount of rain from the slow-moving storm system.

San Antonio, in particular, remains on high alert for the possibility of additional storms later in the day.

The forecast predicts scattered storm pockets, and residents are advised to monitor the situation closely.

These weather conditions may disrupt Mother’s Day plans and pose risks of flash flooding, which can occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

Although the worst of the severe weather is moving out of the area, other parts of the country, such as the northern plains, are preparing for its arrival.

These regions could experience hail and potential tornado activity.

It is crucial for residents to stay informed and take necessary precautions during these pop-up storms.

The unpredictability of severe weather underscores the importance of preparedness and swift action.

Residents are urged to stay tuned to weather updates and heed any warnings or advisories issued by local authorities.

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