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Robbers who stole $1.1 million in cash from an armored truck in Homewood, Illinois, were apprehended thanks to an Apple AirTag tracker hidden in one of the plastic bins containing the stolen cash.

Devontae Davis and Darryl Singleton, who pistol-whipped the Brinks armored truck driver before making off with the cash and 10 deposit bags worth another half a million dollars, were tracked down by police to a home in Calumet Park after the tracker provided live updates of their whereabouts.

Singleton, who is 19 years old, admitted to committing the robbery to detectives.

The AirTag, which retails for just $29, is trackable in real-time using a standard iPhone.

Police found hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash hidden in the basement ceiling, along with the AirTag tucked inside a blue Brinks bag.

The driver of the armored truck alerted police that the AirTag was live transmitting the location of the robbers, leading to their arrest.

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